25th July 2019

Infrastructure Activity - Hardware replacement L3 Router / Hardware replacement L2 Switch, scheduled 1 year ago

Please be advised of the upcoming infrastructure activity.

Event Details: Start Time: 31.07.2019 23:30 CEST End Time: 01.08.2019 04:30 CEST

Expected Impact: 1-5 Minutes / multiple times.

Activity Details: We are upgrading/swapping several network devices while expanding our network core to 96x 10Gbit/s ports and 12x 40Gbit/s ports. Various VLANs need to be migrated to a new router, fiber connections need to be relocated on some lines. Our DWDM to Interxion needs to be migrated as well. During the activity Transit/Peering from GTT, DECIX and Voxility won't be avilable for some minutes.

In case of any occuring problems please contact noc@meerfarbig.net or call us via +49 69 170776850.

Kind regards Christian Huber

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