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  • Decreased capacity between Interxion FRA4 and Werkhaus FRA1

    Completed at Jun 07, 2023 07:00 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Two WDM Lines will be migrated this night. During the migration the capacity between Interxion FRA4 and Werkhaus FRA1 will be decreased. We don't expect any outage.

  • Reduced Capacity between Interxion and Werkhaus

    Completed at Nov 03, 2022 11:59 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Due to some Optical Issues on the Line between Interxion and Werkhaus the Capacity is reduced. The issue should be resolved within the next 1-2 days. No Impact for customers. Traffic uses other lines of the ring.

  • mx240.fra1.meerfarbig.net - Port Errors

    Completed at Aug 30, 2022 13:00 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Due to some minor Port Errors on our mx240.fra1.meerfarbig.net LACP Uplinks we'll replace the Cables to AOC.

    No Impact is expected.

  • Voxility - Mandatory maintenance on Frankfurt Interxion FRA8

    Completed at Aug 01, 2022 06:00 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Voxility will perform some firmware upgrades at the equipment we are connected to.

    Please expect service disruption of maximum 5-10 minutes during the maintenance window.