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  • q51.fra4.meerfarbig.net - Packet Loss, Kernel Panic

    Completed at Jan 29, 2024 12:13 UTC+1 (5 months ago)

    We were observing some random Packet Loss behind our Routers q51.fra4.meerfarbig.net since 2 days.
    To prepare a software Upgrade we were copying a new Software Image to the Devices - the unmount of the stick ended with a Kernel Panic of the Device which forced us to reboot it. The redundant Design took over but we still experienced an outage during the converge time.

    Everything should be work as expected again. If not please drop us a mail to support@meerfarbig.net

    We will announce a maintenance window for the firmware Upgrade soon.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Decreased capacity between Interxion FRA4 and Werkhaus FRA1

    Completed at Jun 07, 2023 07:00 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Two WDM Lines will be migrated this night. During the migration the capacity between Interxion FRA4 and Werkhaus FRA1 will be decreased. We don't expect any outage.

  • Voxility - Mandatory maintenance on Frankfurt Interxion FRA8

    Completed at Aug 01, 2022 06:00 UTC+1 (1 year ago)

    Voxility will perform some firmware upgrades at the equipment we are connected to.

    Please expect service disruption of maximum 5-10 minutes during the maintenance window.